Welcome to the SES Moodle site!

This is where you will do all your course work for online courses. If you have extra courses in your 'my courses' tab, it is because you have registered and unregistered for a course in Populi. These courses will be removed from your Moodle account after the withdrawal cut-off date. If you have registered for a course and do not see it in your 'my courses' tab, please use the support tab above to let us know.

If you have any questions about Moodle and online courses, please contact the Assistant Instructional Designer, Matthew Joss (admin3@ses.edu), or the Director of Online Education, Jeff Lenhart (jlenhart@ses.edu).

If you have any questions about registration, policies or student records, please contact Dr. Doug Potter (dpotter@ses.edu) in the Registrar's office.

If you have never logged in before: your user ID is your ses.edu email address. Please enter the full address (include the 'ses.edu'). Your password for the first time is 'changeme.now'. You will be forced to change your password after your first time logging in.

If you cannot remember your password, follow the link that says “Forgotten your username or password?” (it is on the failed login screen). Type in your full SES email address in the username text box and click search. This will send you an email with a reset link to your preferred email address (the SES email by default, or whichever email address you have changed it to). Open the email, click the provided link, a new page will open, and then type in your new password.